Deprecation Notice

REI is deprecated - please use rasactl for the future

RASA Ephemeral Installer (REI)

REI will help you to get an easy way to run and test RASA X / RASA OSS on your local workstation with a breeze.

How does REI manage the installation

REI installs KIND as Kubernetes (k8s) Platform and install RASA rasactl to deploy managed RASA X / OSS on top.

REI will check Requirements and install for the supported OS:


To work with REI in an optimal enviroment please use a System with the following resources at hand

Minimum / (Recommended)

Quick Installation


curl -O && bash -y -x


wget && bash -y -x


bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Note - The defaults of the install script can be overridden see the built-in help.

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL" -- --help


How do I see all logfiles ?

To get all logfiles from the RASA X / OSS Deployment just run in your terminal

kubectl -n rasa logs -l

How do I remove the KIND Rasa Cluster locally ?

Execute the script with the -u flag

bash -u

How do I see all running RASA containers ?

All running pods are inside the rasa namespace via kubectl

kubectl -n rasa get pods

How do I access the KIND K8S Cluster via kubectl ?

kubectl cluster-info --context kind-rasa